Lavender Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I picked up an 8th of this from Phoenix Caregivers in Arizona. This is a VERY powerful haze. I tried a few tokes and am very hazy. But also very focused and aware. This is a must have for any Haze fan. I tried Purple Haze before and this is right up there, more powerful tho. I will append this if things change, but so far. Its a 9/10.. Pick some up before its gone. I'll try to add pics later. Peace and Pot.”

  • “friend and i went ham on our mess of a room And cleaned this shit for two hours spotless. just wanted it to get done and felt like i could accomplish almost anything. didn't notice anything negative, i have depression as well and this bud gave a real nice indica high. fuckin CRON -503”

  • “Hit a lick on this shit, put it into flames with the homies n got high as a motherfucker, very relaxing, blessed. Groovy taste. Strong smell.”

  • “I love this strain!! haha had four bowls of it, very nice head high, haven't had a nice haze like this in a while. It's like Leafly states, nice for late afternoon, evening for a relaxed, uplifting mood. Excited I got over a half of this 😁”

  • “Oh geeze I loved this. A dense floral flavor with that smooth pungent taste. Good high.”

  • “Pretty good but i like the regular Lavender better. The High isnt as great as the regular either. Still worth the toke!”

  • “Really badass head and body high. Was hitting a bowl of this bud out of my da Vinci ascent and was baked asf by the end of it”

  • “Tastes and smells amazing, very relaxing high, blazed up with the Fam. Ultra DuBBed.”