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Lemon Créme

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What is Lemon Créme?

Lemon Créme is a unique and unstable sativa-dominant strain created by Love Genetics. It was brought into existence by crossing Lemon Jack with DNA Genetics’ Sour Cream (a Sour Diesel heirloom x G15 Haze). The breeder notes that this strain is prone to produce three distinct phenotypes with varied aromas, such as Earl Grey tea, lemon Pinesol, and American sweet tea. Lemon Créme is a rare cut due to its instability, but has gone on to influence other Love Genetics’ crosses like Prometheus. This strain has an approximate flowering time of 69 to 77 days.

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Lemon Créme Effects and Attributes

Eye Pressure
Dry Mouth

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Lemon Créme Flavors

  • 1. Lemon