Lemon Ice Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I am a (OMMP) Medical Marijauna Patient for Tourette Syndrome in Portland,Oregon and just tried this particular strain for the very first time Grown Hydroponic and it was amazing! Very very good for day time use! I recommend it!”

  • “I suffer from clinical depression, and this strain truly helped. It's strong yet decently smooth. With I bright lemon pine taste. It gives a very nice and pleasant euphoria, and a decent bit of energy. If your looking for an uplifting strain, this is perfect.”

  • “Ah now tis is my newest favoured morning strain having misplaced Lemon Skunk. Lemon Ice from Dutch Master Seeds is hands down one of the most Citrus blasting strain that I have ever encountered in my soon to be 48th year of Cannabis use. In most very early mornings it is the lack of Cannabis input that rises me as the inverse is equally true that mid morning once I have a few hours of medicating to get my system pro...”

  • “This is a highly unique strain with crazy flavorful phenols and terpenes. I immediately got this rush of wellbeing and kickass cerebral enhancement. For sure one of the best medical strains offering 100% power in all 5 categories. Cant wait to get the genetics and grow some!!!”

  • “good escense! good energy! oh men! Good weed!”

  • “One of the best tasting terpene profiles I have come across real nice strain.”