Lemon Jack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It smells like Jet Fuel and has a smooth creeping clear high. The strain will make you very energetic but also make you hella paranoid. This is an alternative to adderall as a study aid, because it gives you hyper focus, so for its perfect for programmers. I bought a 32g OZ (4 extra grams for first patients) for $125 from SRC Wellness Group in La Puente, CA.”

  • “I decided to buy some Lemon Jack for my weekend at Coachella, and WOW! I rarely felt the need to re-energize with a coffee or redbull, just a few puffs and I had renewed energy and stamina! This is a strong strain, one of the strongest sativas I've ever smoked actually, and a new friend of mine felt extremely anxious from this so I definitely do NOT recommend this for those of you who overthink or are edgy naturally...”

  • “solid 4/5. super mellow body buzz with a slight brain tingle. sweet smell, very tasteful. great buzz for physical activity or any event. youre still coherant yet kinda wrecked at the same time. harmony. 10/10 would purchase again *thumbs up*”

  • “the most energetic, focused strain ive had.”

  • “I sought this out due to all the outstanding positive reviews, but found it an uncomfortable high like being paranoid is uncomfortable and unpleasant. It was a bit stronger than I expected, and that was from only 2 or 3 pipe hits. I went to make a pie a bit later and really screwed up some very simple production stuff, like pouring dry ingredients or sugar, salt, cinnamon and corn starch right onto the berries instea...”

  • “Not sure if this is the same as Super Lemon Jack, but I absolutely love this strain! Great for those who don't smoke often. I am a habitual smoker and still get an awesome high with this one! It's energizing and gets you in an superb mood! The only thing i felt was disappointing about this strain is that the high doesn't last as long as I'd wish. The come down is gradual and a bit draining, although I'm not too sure ...”

  • “my favorite by far. I've been searching for this ever since I smoked it, a few years ago. But I will continue my search! super potent chemical lemon smell, just as described. split a roach, and got super high with just one hit.”

  • “i love the lemony aroma, like Irish spring in the morning, a great way to start the day!”