Lemon Sativa Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Lemon Sativa, Organically grown to full maturity, this bud has close dense beautiful buds for a sativa, a beautiful bouquet of floral and sharp citrus sweet scents pre ground, afterwards once ground this bud packs a powerful slap of great smells, makes you drool every time. the high is light and bright with a very focused clean high, i could just about do anything from schoolwork, to cleaning, to making music, eve...”

  • “My favorite type of weed by far, it gives the sort of lucid, chatty, chilling high you want on a summers day sitting in the park, with next to no negative effects, and only the slightest muchies.”

  • “one of my favorite stands. long lasting positive high that got rid of all the negative thoughts in my mind. strongly recommend this one”

  • “This is an excellent sativa! Although the strain isn't always consistent, it's my favorite day weed of all! Not good when harvested too early! Need to Watch the trichones carefully with this strain. It makes it or breaks it! It either tastes clean and light, a sweet lemony flavor or bad like cat piss. It does motivate you to do things. Feel more focused, creative and not that hungry. The buds are light green in col...”

  • “Awesome strain for depression and has a great lemon taste”

  • “Not very powerful. Gives a weird high, very slight body and very slight euphoria but kicks in some focus. Good daytime high for kicking back with video games or long boring projects”

  • “A fun daytime high that isn't too strong. Tastes great, too!”

  • “This is such a wonderful sativa. It has all the properties of an indica high, but without the extreme sedative effects that indicas carry.”