Lemon Thai Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A very high functioning strand. Purely cerebral.”

  • “This weed... Dayum.. I fucking love this strain. All the positive qualities of a sativa yet it was relaxing to the max. No stress, all fun and games. Quite talkative in group atmospheres. I would buy this strain over and over till I die.”

  • “High-quality medicine. I tried and still am using the LA Confidential Indica co2 oil, but it was hard to have the energy to take another dab when my Crohn's flares would come back 15-20 minutes after dabbing took them away. With this Lemon Thai Sativa, I can take a dab of this co2 oil, top shelf quality oil for all the strains, but the Sativa or strain or general is very helpful for me. I right now can...”

  • “Good daytime energetic Sativa... would definitely get again, anytime.”

  • “Great sativa high w/limited paranoia, tons of energy without brutal come down or persistent hunger.”

  • “Good daytime social smoke. Love the smell and taste.”

  • “lemon and tea smell..vice lemony high..”

  • “great strain! really got happy. I'm dancing to gimme all your love from Alabama shakes at 12 am; when I have a busy day tmrw that I can't wait to tackle and it smelt citrusy and great”