Light of Jah Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “A strain with very impressive genetics, perhaps not as popular as it should be. I was fortunate enough to get hold of some high grade LoJ, if you get a chance to try this I would definitely recommend it. I think it comes from a mostly sativa haze background but it's not like any haze I've ever tried, it hits you as you smoke. People say it's a long lasting high but I can't confirm that, I was with friends so I sup...”

  • “I live in Colorado so have the luxury of being able to shop for herb. I've been on the hunt for my "perfect" sativa. Most give me anxiety, at least for awhile, and when I'm out adventuring in nature and the mountains, I don't want to feel anxious at all. I just bought LOJ for the first time, and it is the most uplifting, fun, stress-free, happy, energetic sativa high I've ever had. I had zero anxiety and paranoia, wh...”

  • “Holy f****** shit felt like my balls were on fire!!! Great stuff...”

  • “The effects are mainly cerebral with a mildly euphoric body high. This strain leaves you feeling uplifted and energized yet also remaining surprisingly clear headed. Very good daytime strain for when you need to be active. Similar effects as J1, XJ-13, Jack Herer.”

  • “The high set on in about 10 minutes. at first the was a very heady rush followed by a nice calming but energetic body high. I had major cotton mouth however. the biggest downside of the strain for me was the taste, didn't make me gag but enough for me not to get it again. I give it a strong 7 out of 10!”

  • “Such a tasty strain. Highly recommend! This sativa kicks ass.”

  • “Smoked a chillum of home grown, indoor. The seed bank I bought it from described it as a Jack Herer x Afghani hybrid. Flavor is earthy, some spice. The high is a crisp, heady, buoyant buzz. I like it as a daytime strain. Ya mon.”

  • “Considering it's strong Afghan landrace roots, it is an intense head high with mild bodily effects. Does well with the inflecting mind.”