Limon Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This is a good, solid, what you expect from a sativa, sativa. That is the very best way I can describe this flower. I have had this in both flower and wax form - my review will reflect on the amalgamation of both methods. The name is Limon, but that doesn't quite describe how it smells. It actually smells like someone chucked a barrel of limes into a barrel of diesel and let them absorb. It's pungent and tart. The s...”

  • “nice head change, nice price totally worth it”

  • “One of my top 5 daytime strains. Leaves me feeling focused, energetic, pain free and ready to conquer the tasks of the day happily.”

  • “Limon is a great daytime choice for patients looking for relief from pain and stress. Very uplifting Sativa buzz that will inspire and motivate. Livwell did very well here :) The plants lineage influences the flavor quite well with notes of tart lemons,strawberries, diesel. Novice smokers use caution with this high THC strain with average testing showing levels of 24.5% THC. Drop by Livwell today and try it yourself”

  • “awesome strain. great bag appeal and flavors.”

  • “I do enjoyed this fluffy lemony drop off sweet laughter I had a great feeling of stress relief after smoking half a pre roll. it sure does bring the giggles too. my favorite.”

  • “Shout out to LivWell In Mancos and Chris for the great selection. This is true an energizing strain. I feel like I'm totally prepared to accomplish so much work today.”

  • “Limón by Cali Kush Farms, 1st place Blazers Cup Winner, smells like champagne and tastes like sweet lemons. Great find, super rare only in LA.”