Madcow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Co2 oil from Root, sativa. Works like a nice indica for me. White widow like. Relaxed amd tasty. A dab will do ya”

  • “This strain is terrible. Terrible! I get dehydrated and I feel dull. I expected some psychedelic properties or energy, but it did the exact opposite.”

  • “This feels like it hits me harder than most sativas, but I still don't get tired or foggy-headed. Great strain for the active stoner. Less euphoria than some, but plenty of energy without feeling too buzzy.”

  • “Well damn! This strain is top notch! I took a couple nice hits through a small bubbler..............then about 3 minutes later I sat back and enoyed the ride. I swear the leaves on my house plant were moving and the doors and windows were closed. Very euforic as if I had eaten some mild X! Speedy, long lasting buzz towards the end. This is my definition of a perfect buzz considering I luz my Sativas!”

  • “This is the first time I’ve ever smoked a strain and literally felt myself sober up. It was so bizarre. Mostly heavy, chill feeling with interest in Netflix and obsessing over whether or not to take a nap. Would recommend for an afternoon at the beach or park.”