Magnum PI Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is exactly what I like in a sativa; clear head-ed high, relief of low-level pain, uplifting, non-drowsy, non-munchie inducing and relaxing. Magnum PI, at first impression, is boss. It's effortless to function as normal even at the peak of stonieness and the high fades away, no tired crash.”

  • “not the best but a good mellow smooth smoke similar to alot of other strains ive had b4!🔥🌲”

  • “So this baby is now elevated to my top 25 Sativa strains. Long lasting energy and happy thoughts. Get some, take it to the forest, partake and hit the high trail...”

  • “Sativa dominant good for accounting homework, the buds provide an alert high with subtle hints limonene and pinene”

  • “Picked this up in the 35 dollar special bin. Nice buzz, that has the clear head effect. Has a good burn out on the end of the buzz. Good Bud. Check it out if you have the chance.”

  • “very nice light earthy with citrus on the finish. the buds were very fluffy and had a very strong pine on the smell. effects were mild. I felt a slight tingle in my cheeks all head with no body from what I can tell. would definitely use this as a weekend day strain.”

  • “A good Sativa that will clear your head and get you into a positive mood. Can be a creeper 10 mins. Really nice on the lungs and not too dank. It does'nt leave you coughing your lungs out. I would put this into a great for work category. Not too strong, but a nice even energy throughout the body. Nice clear head high. Putting it down as a go to. For Anxiety, it helps greatly.”