Mako Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Mako haze was a pretty good bud, and could be useful for patients with depression because it got me up and going, with a rush of energy from the first hit. The high was similiar to sour diesel. The high lasted about 2 hours with an hour comedown afterwards. When smoked in excess this strain got me high as fuck.”

  • “Very dank Sativa ! It gave me a very heady and creative high which I love ! You can also just smoke a little and be pretty lifted my man ! We're going to need some bigger boat times !”

  • “I really liked how i was functional during the day but still had relief. Plus it didn't make me appear high at all. I liked how focused I was and how much it helped me finish a term paper.”

  • “It was a decent pick-me-up. I found that the strain makes thoughts hazy, which I do not like. Perhaps I am looking for a more energetic high”

  • “Pretty great strain. If you smoke a little bit, it'll provide a nice energetic high that eases your mind. If you smoke a lot, prepare to be really.. really high.”

  • “Sweet smelling and yielding frosty and hairy nugs. After vaping, felt very relaxed and calm. This strain helps me focus on day to day work. The haze in the name is also descriptive of it's qualities, will make your thoughts hazy. Overall, a very good bud without too much of a sensational impact. Very smooth and calm experience allowing user to focus. Would recommend to anyone looking to relieve anxiety sympt...”

  • “This strain is very good for chilling . Energetic yet chill. Good muscle relaxation. Very helpful in medical purposes. Stopped back pain and eased my neck a bit.”

  • “Was surprised to see an $8/g 25% THC strain listed at a local dispensary, so I was quite curious to try it. It looks and smells great however the taste is less distinct to other strains. Burns and hits you quite fast.”