Malawi Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I grew African Buzz (a special selection of Malawi Gold) and all I've got to say is... I really, really, really like this stuff. It grew easily. Had a mildew problem. This plant resisted better than any of the other strains growing. While flowering, the smell wasn't too strong, pretty easy to conceal if you just had one or two growing at home. It smelled like lemon Pledge and Bazooka Joe bubblegum... it's a weird com...”

  • “This stuff is excellent and a strong Sativa. Very wide awake which I love. I'm always tired. It made me realize again why Counting Crows is the best band ever. Very easy to smoke and I did 3-4 hits. More than enough. It's strong.”

  • TKO

    “Great flavor! unique! Euphoric! YUM!”

  • “A powerful sativa that looks and smells magnificent. The buds are dense and the high is very uplifting. Highly recommended for those who appreciate Durban or Snowcap. A sweet daytime smoke.”

  • “I love the 100% organic Malawi with a passion! It is very energetic and produces a dreamlike high that leaves you full of energy and in the mood to get out into nature. I love fishing with this strain. Even after 10 hours of not catching anything, our spirits are still high and so are we! It has a sweet soft taste that can leave a skunky smell after burned. The high takes 5-10 minutes to come on, but then it hits ...”

  • “I'm smoking generic Malawi Gold (or what is called #1 grade) here in Lilongwe, Malawi. I must say that its better than any other strain I tried in Africa. A powerful lasting high that lasts 4 - 5 hours. Your experience will vary greatly upon your mood at the time of smoking. I recommend being relaxed. Procuring: Its not available on the streets, so you have to know someone who will sell you this stuff. Live in Mala...”

  • “Review for the strain "Equanimity" (Strawberry Chunk {Strawberry Cough ♀ x Deep Chunk ♂} ♀ x Heirloom Malawi ♂): I obtained a gram from Farma in Portland, OR. Tested at 29.7% THC. Grown "in house" by Newcleus, using "organic living soil" method. I have had my eye on this strain for some time, as I am always eager to try landrace genetics. I expected this to be a sativa dominant strain, however I was surprised to fin...”

  • “I have really enjoyed the Malawi Gold strain. It vaporizes nicely and has a fruity aftertaste. The energetic effects are more pronounced with a bongload, which nicely complemented a couple of hours speeding along the local bike trail. The thing I appreciate most about Malawi is that it doesn't leave me feeling tired as the effects wear off, so it's great for daytime use. It is just a tasty well-rounded bud.”