Mango Haze Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Absolutely wonderful strain. Uplifting, energising, euphoric, happy, blissful, mind opening, great sativa dominant strain. Nice tingly indica undertone, barely noticeable which I prefer if any indica is present. Watch out when you sit down though, she can take you away to dream land if you let your mind escape, depending on what you want of course! As a recreational smoker, this strain is truly fun and beautiful with...”

  • “I liked this strain a lot in terms of pain relief....although I don't like mangoes in "real life" the flavor and aroma were quite nice and it took a good edge off my significant sciatica pain. I was still able to function, which is always nice when trying to manage a life when you're in chronic constant pain. Again, a great recommendation by Cannabis Nation of Seaside, OR.”

  • “The taste is absolutely exquisite, same can be same about most strains I guess but this flavour is truly delightful. Starts with an explosion of mango, traversing through a palate of citrusy notes mixed with sweet, and also an incredibly interesting insence-infused sweetness and I swear there as some honey detected but that could have because I was thinking of sweet things and honey popped into my mind aha. The exhal...”

  • “First off, the strain tastes amazing using a vaporizer. It amazes me how closely the taste resembles that of a true mango! In my opinion, I'd have to say that although this is advertised as being a "day-time" strain. It seems to cause me to be relaxed and lack of motivation, but does not per say cause me to feel a need to sleep. I'd say this is the perfect "Sunday Strain". Good for a relaxing day of stress relief.”


  • “this and pineapple haze strain are the only strains to have BEDLOCKED me. cotton mouth, walking was impossible. lapping water from a plate like a dog with visions of the afterlife. mostly cheesecake visions”

  • “I swear I was fucking flying. I had the best body high I've ever had in my life with this strain. All I remember from smoking this was sprinting almost half a mile and feeling like my car ride was a roller coaster.”

  • “This bud is just amazing! It's a nice head high, the weed smells good, it's dank as all hell, and even taste good. What more could you ask for? haha But overall, Mango Haze takes the cake this time.”