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Maui Citrus Punch

4.5| 6 Reviews

What is Maui Citrus Punch?

Maui Citrus Punch is an exquisitely fruity strain that combines the best of Maui Dawg and Tangelo Kush. These parent strains come together to create a cross that is pleasurable to nearly all the senses, exhibiting bright citrus notes with funky skunky undertones. The flavor holds on to the citrus and slight earthiness that slowly morphs into a high energy euphoria which settles in the body. Consider enjoying Maui Citrus Punch outdoors, as the aroma alone will draw attention. 

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Maui Citrus Punch Effects and Attributes

Muscle Spasms
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Maui Citrus Punch Genetics and Grow Info

Maui Citrus Punch Flavors

  • 1. Citrus
  • 2. Spicy/Herbal
  • 3. Sweet

Review Highlights

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“Maui Citrus Punch is a very pleasant sativa. I got one gram as part of a sativa bundle from Pot Cargo. I appreciate being able to sample many different strains when purchasing these bundles. This strain produces a cerebral high that is uplifting and mellow. The pain relieving effect is reasonably good for mild pain. This is definitely more of a head high/mood elevating kind of strain. The only unwanted effect of thi...”

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“This has to be hands down the best looking bud I have seen in a long time! I also couldn't get enough of that citrus smell combine with its smooth and earthy flavour. The cerebral effects were well balanced with an enjoyable body sedation that was relaxing while the mind was uplifted and energetic. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a truly enjoyable sativa.”