Memory Loss Reviews

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  • “Dank and powerful, this crazy train wisps one off into the wild, turbulant realm of confusion. Mind lock! Dazing into space with Perma smile! Holding vape pen like a microphone, unable to lift it yet again to my lips... 5 star!!! Slayed stomach ailment. Relaxed aching muscles. Reduced me into a puddle of joy on the lazyboy contemplating life.”

  • “Lol this strain is so true to its name. About an hour into smoking this, I lost my phone/keys/purse. But the upside, is that it's bomb. Heady high, with some body effects. Would recommend if you wanna kick back & "forget" the world 😂😂😂”

  • “This stuff just takes you over. A very happy high that messes you up but in a very good way. Great Sativa/Indica hybrid effects that lean towards the Sativa, by are mellowed by the Indica,”

  • “one of my all time favorite stains. happy & euphoric while motivating and energizing. my go to morning coffee strain.”

  • “I approached this experience with caution, because the name and purported effects do not express how I like to function when medicated; but the smoke was free so I partook. Smoking through a vaporizer allowed me to discern Memory Loss' aromas. I enjoyed the subtle sweetness of this strain, and after a fee draws from the vape, I became familiar with the cerebral effects it may produce. I was clear headed, and able to ...”

  • “This is an extremely potent, mind-altering cannabis. Went to the shop looking for something to take me on a mental vacation. This did the job (sorta.) I use cannabis both recreationally and medicinally (I suffer from Schizoaffective disorder, BPD, and ADD) and while the body and physical head high are quite enjoyable, having a heavy tingly feeling to them; the way this strain made me feel mentally was not as enjoyabl...”

  • “very nice smell and taste. heavy sativa high. Toronto dispensary/ toronto cannabis dispensary carry amazing versions of this strain.”

  • “I picked up this strain on August 8, 2016 from Shango Hillsboro. It definitely lives up to its name. Memory Loss (19.35% THC) – • The first sniff reminded me of breaded fish fillets sprayed with a slice of lemon. Although not brittle, it was dry to the touch. • The buzz begins just behind the eyes and slowly radiates throughout the brain. My normally happy being is not adversely affected and may be heightened. Fo...”