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  • “I was never going to write a review on this but something interesting happened to me that I have to mention. I live 100 miles from the Mexican border and this was the only weed I knew. Layers of compressed shitty bud filled with seed.I grew up on it. It's been a long time since I've smoked me some Reggie so about a week ago while I was low on cash I decided to buy and ounce. ( lol 60$) This Reggie reeked of skunky ...”

  • “Mexican strains have bad reputation because of the brick method which causes degradation on the quality and also because it contains seeds but yesterday I went to visit a friend in his restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was telling him how good Marijuana was in Czech Republic and how it was much better than Mexican Brick Weed. He told me he had some really good Mexican Land Race Sativa grown in the mountains o...”

  • “In reference to an earlier post, there are many wonderful varieties of Mexican sativa. For those of you who started on Mexican, the buzz is very unique. Mostly in the face and very very euphoric. Not all of it has a bad taste. It just depends on the person you know and how close the connection is to the border. Most of the Mexican that I have gotten has been compressed, but sometimes you can get some fat round nugs a...”

  • “Almost all Mexican Sativa strains grow in the coast of Mexico, each landrace have different flavors, smell, color and effects. The best and most famous California Sativa Hybrids and mix Sativas have Mexican Sativa origin, since 1960's us residents have taken seeds to us to grow and breed mostly in NC, the most famous one Golden Acapulco, but believe me golden Acapulco is not the best Mexican Sativa around. Most of Me...”

  • “Good old classic Mexican Reggie weed. This stuff is never horrible but it's also never great. It's dry and full of seeds but .5-.7 of this will have you feeling pretty good. Can't be the general price on it either ($5 a gram $75 an ounce where I live). Good for saving money”

  • “Unfortunately the only Mexican that's really around anymore is the disgusting brick weed that is grown in mass quantities in Mexico using bad growing techniques. However I would bet if grown well it would be quite similar to landrace Acapulco Gold.”

  • “I have smoke some of the real good shit in California and since i moved back down to mexico i have smoke nothing but Mexa thats how We called it here, i got amazed when i found out the incredible Mexa is grown in the state of Colima, We have a very active volvano and some of the people that libes around It grows weed and most of the time this weed is purple and is not kush is not skunk or some of that medical stuff b...”

  • “I posted a review because Mexican can be the best or the worst weed you will stumble across. I just had some that tasted do bad it made me kinda suck and I got literally no high. but sometimes I get some from mexico that is very high quality. it's rather cheap(4$ a gram) but that is because I live 28 miles from the border.”