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Middlefork x Pineapple Express Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Middlefork x Pineapple Express is a Western Washington bred phenotype that combines the sweet berry tang of middlefork with the pungent earthy and fresh fruit profiles of pineapple express. It takes the best of both parent strains, and combines them into an even stronger effect and resin production. This strain routinely tests above 20% THC, and has an incredible terpene profile to back up its potency. Users beware t...”

  • “Pineapple Express is a great relaxing strain a mild high that brings you up and keeps you there as any good sativa should. Great for deep thinking and good conversations. Mildly active with creative thoughts. Definitely a great addition to the stash. 4/5”

  • “Really enjoy this strain .... I would like to compare this to a slow clap... It buildings up and then all of the sudden... BOOM its on you and guarantees a great experience. I”

  • “This strain made me euphoric almost immediately. I felt great and say down for quite a while until falling asleep. It hits you quickly, but is an enjoyable high that will stay with you until sleep.”

  • “Grower: TopShelf THC: 21.9 CBD 00.3 This is one heck of a party strain. This strain is super fun and uplifting and can turn a bad day into a good one. Very euphoric and giggly with a boost in energy that will help keep you up at night for those long gaming sessions or night out. Starts out with a very heady/hazey punch and over time mellows out into a nice 50-50. The smell is VERY complex with many notes of citrus li...”

  • “This strain hits you like a train ... By far the best strain I've smoked ... It will sit you down and keep you there”

  • “A great strain, leaves you feeling happy, and euphoric. Gives you an appetite and keeps you aware.”

  • “My initial experience with Pineapple X is joyous. I feel immediately uplifted and am very talkative! Energized awareness is the feeling as it does its work over a few hours. It tastes sweet (like raspberries and honey, maybe?) and was pleasant from pipe to windpipe. I found an ounce for $99 and am happily anticipating becoming well acquainted. :)”