Moose and Lobsta Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If I could give Moose and Lobsta six stars, I would. In fact, I decided to post this review only after I went back to the dispensary and stocked up on more of this wonderful strain. It has become my new favorite sativa, edging out Casey Jones, Jack Herer and Sour Diesel. First, let me tell you how skeptical I was about Moose&Lobsta: A 5-star rating with less than 10 reviews at the time of this writing? That didn’t se...”

  • “What an amazing strain. I was surprisingly introduced to this by a 68 year old patient one evening and must say the combination of the effects and the company made for a beautiful even if brief experience (atleast I mean the company.) This strain left me ready to to take on any social task. I was focused, talkative and giddy.”

  • “weirdest name of all-time. with the obvious out of the way... the is MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE SATIVA. puts just enough "fuck it" in your system to take on shitty chores, your shitty job, etc. very enthusiastic and motivated and all the while completely clearheaded. very potent but a great daytime strain for heavy users. smells of citrus, pine, and fuel. buy it. burn it. love it.”

  • “Whoa. This is some heavy hitting, long lasting, mind altering plant material. I was at a friend's house for the super bowl and took two bong rips* which propelled me to a different space-time continuum. Very cerebral high with a bit of dizziness that lasted 3+ hours. Conversation was super hard to follow, but really interesting nonetheless if that makes any sense at all. I would say this is definitely a daytime/after...”

  • “Holy crap. This is such a fun strain. Smoked out of a bong and had an immediate, intense head-high followed by complete pain relief from my shoulders to my toes. Got some pretty strong munchies but most of all felt relief from anxiety and found humor in just about everything. Would recommend a million times.”

  • “What are you still reading these reviews for?! GET TO THE MOOSE AND LOBSTA!!! The example I got is lime green and tangerine, on first glance, but on magnification shows peach shades. The nugs are dense, sticky, and aromatic - the first smell left a heady jet fuel smell lodged in my sinuses, which gave way to diesel and an array of tropical fruits. The first hit... ah, sweet magic! Guava, kiwi, passion fruit, and...”

  • “I was a bit turned off by the aroma at first. Moose and Lobsta seriously smells like seafood. I'd heard good things though, so I thought I'd give it a try. It was surprisingly smooth and a bit sweet. Good strain for depression, stress, and anxiety. Very uplifting and helps with focus when you have worries on the mind. Great daytime strain”

  • “this and Harlequin are my favorite sativas currently. moose and lobsta at lower doses leaves you with energy just a little head spacy and float, feelin' groovy and fluid but smoke a fat bowl or a few to yourself and if you don't zonk out in to peaceful nap-ta-tude you'll be having a blast! good strain for watching a comedy and not really having to follow directions or do too much cause I caught myself forgetting I ha...”