Mother Tongue Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Its coo got a great taste”

  • “I like this strain a lot. Really great for daytime use. Helps me get stuff done.”

  • “I am not a heavy sativa fan, but this was a pleasure to smoke. The variety I had from my caregiver was more the "earthy" flavor, that I personally love. The actual high was not very long(maybe 2-3hours), but made my mind very active and had a mildly relaxing state on my body allowing me to do a short journal entry and play some Fallout:New Vegas in a good, comfortable mood. Despite my preference to indicas or indi...”

  • “This strain has good flavor and the effects are quite mellow definitely good for headaches”

  • “Not much of a sativa fan. But these buds are dense as hell and pretty. Has a great flavor and a nice buzz”

  • “It got me high. It also made me super hungry.”

  • “We loved this strain and had a really good sesh in the woods the buds smelled like Hawaiian punch and were nice and dense. They were covered in tricomes on the outside and had even more when the bud broke open and we got a lot of or if when it was ground.”

  • “Has a nice texture, was part shatter. dark colored and dense.”