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Mother’s Finest Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just tried this for the first time and it's "ok". Nice fruity aroma. Very light head buzz and gives you a clear mind (more or less...I mean, you're still stoned after all ;) So if that's what you're after then go for it. I prefer more of a body buzz, and while I know that is indica territory, I was told this might have a good head/body mix. It's 100% head, at least it was for me.”

  • “Greetings...this strain workd very well for relieving my muscle spazms and enhanced my hunger for food. Worked well relieving the battle field in my mind too. Being a quadraplegic not by choice :) with cancer too and gone thru the chemo&radi treatments this workd great for the nausea. Hard to come by not living in colorado :( :( :( so close yet so far :)”

  • “I just got to try this strand and the name fits for sure! I'm a mom so this strand gave me the energy I needed and I really felt like being creative and moving. when it wears off I get pretty sleepy but it's a great strand.”

  • “Euphoric high almost left me couchlocked. Aroma is definitely on the more lemon side even some pine. Left me lying on a sweet painless mildly sexual cloud. Definitely will revisit.”

  • “Definitely a string buzz for me. Got couchlocked. Road the euphoric painless cloud into a giddy arousal with my wife. Pleasant, will revisit.”

  • “good strain”

  • “Not bad. Definitely more of a head high. Not for lovers of kush or other indicas. Nice, bright, fruity flavor with almost a lemony/pepper exhale.”

  • “MOTHER'S MILK......absolute favorite strain, so relaxed, no paranoia at all just good times and high fives”