Narnia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Snagged some 'Chronic of Narnia' while in Oregon. I'm not sure how this strain was labeled an as indica but it was. As for the appearance these buds were medium size, dense, slightly purple nugs, heavily trichomed. Gorgeous really. The taste and smell matched, sweet floral notes with a nice earthy-ness. The effects are complex but I studied the high and found the following; There was absolutely zero sedation. ...”

  • “I really wanted to say that this gimmicky name was a gimmick for another over-hyped and gimmicky strain. I tried really hard to hold on to that pessimism. And if nothing but to overcome my own personal pride, I will admit that this is probably the finest indica I have seen in quite some time. It's absolutely among the finest indicas you'll find anywhere in this state (Oregon). And most importantly - this is the pe...”

  • “Narnia is an amazing sativa mix of two of my favorite strains: Trainwreck and Jack Herer. One gloomy gray day, I was unable to shake the melancholy. I smoked some Narnia in my bong and went into the wardrobe. Soon, my mood began to improve. I felt uplifted, creative and inspired. I painted. I exercised. I danced. I wrote. I planned for success. Along the way, I had a few bouts of paranoia, but I dealt with ...”

  • “This may be the best bud I ever smoked. It's hard to measure what qualities go into that assertions, but the two that come to mind are how high and how long? I'll admit I've been higher, but I don't recall enjoying being this high this much. Off a single hit, two hours later, and I'm still comfortably numb. Those two facts should bring a smile to your face, but now let me introduce you to the downside of this wonderw...”

  • “Great taste. Great mind high. A fun silly high that will make you want to take on the world! Or take on some internet browsing. :)”

  • “This is one of my all time favorites. It knocked out all pain and gave focus. I could chill or go hiking with this, it was really versatile and enjoyable all around.”

  • “A little bumpy/harsh high at first with a little dizziness and auditory hallucinations, but eases up into something really special. Food tastes amazing. Music is incredible. I was dancing around my apartment for the last 30 minutes while munching on veggies and chocolate.”

  • “Super legit strain with a surreal uplifting take off that lifts you up and keeps you in the clouds on a magic carpet ride experience. Great for a music sesh or walk in the woods! Well done!”