Nepalese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “World peace. No wonder they are all hippie love peace sit under a tree and meditate over in Nepal. This stuff made me like everyone and positive and upbeat like I ate a cloud and rainbows or something. DANK DANK DANK. I barely even took two hits and I was already like smiling.”

  • “This is an exceptional strain with a very high THC level. I haven't felt this nice in quite a long time. So much so, I was compelled to leave a review. You will remember this strain and you will ask for it again when your out.”

  • “My grandmother used to eat grapefruit every morning....I bring that up because with this flower I feel like I am joining that tradition...well a earthy smell and taste with a grapefruit splash at the end...tasty....more of a mellow yet focused slump feeling then I would prefer from a morning  smoke.....but late in the day as you transition to indicas? Perfect. Coughy 3/10 chillum.”

  • “So great for starting the day and definitely has all the things I love in a sativa strain. I'm out here sending good vibes right and left... This strain makes you wanna goof off and have fun with life...Yet you stay clear headed and are still able to focus. Great stuff, one of the best the pnw has to offer. Bonus: made friends with a praying mantis!”

  • “I love this strain. The complexity of it's taste is one of my main reason for this love. It smells like pine and a mossy earth. Taste like pine and flowers with a grapefruit aftertaste. The buzz is like a stairway and is relatively strong but very manageable, even for beginners. It starts as an head buzz that gradually grow stronger for an hour an a half. You talk a lot during that first period as you become very ha...”

  • “Nepalese gives me a good, happy, relaxing high without the couch lock feeling that I sometimes get with other strains that relax me. I can smoke this and go outside, do some crafting, hold decent conversations without forgetting what I was saying. Great daytime strain.”

  • “Great for work, studying, going out, doing things that require a little more attention. A light, content high that leaves me feeling a little sleepy but overall joyful and relaxed.”

  • “Diesel flavor, grapey”