Nevil's Wreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I got this Trainwreck (was told it's "Arcana Trainwreck". It looked and smelled like Trainwreck on steroids. The smell was phenomenal, the smoke was mild, tasted very earthy with that chemmy or diesel after-notes. The crystal trichromes were milky to gold colored, super sticky, hint of sweet smell. The effects are what sold me though, granted I don't get too high, it subsides the anxiety, PTSD and helps with mood. T...”

  • “Spicy in every way! Not for novices, but pros should DEF have this medication as a staple..”

  • “amazing high/relief. however, girlfriend woke up with a migraine level headache and has been crying in pain, so fair warning, it quite possibly could give you a horrid headache”

  • “Killer sativa. Makes every day an adventure. Warning, possible paranoia may occur.”

  • “stone awesome!”

  • “bad headache immediately.”

  • “I think the strain is overall pretty satisfying, especially of the sativa type high. It burns like kitchen spice on the drag, but a reedeming payoff of this would be the scents of sour tasting sage like hits. Definitely heady, just some pretty dope dope.”