NightFire OG Reviews

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  • “- PART 1 - It's morphin' time! The helmet slips over your head, focusing your view. Then, the spandex suit engulfs your entire body. You're ready to deal with this monster. Your mind has sharpened, ready to analyze, predict, and discover a creative solution to the task at hand. The desire to do good drives you forward. The monster attacks! You dive to the left. Oh no! It has spikes that shoot out the side of it's arm...”

  • “This particular strain lives up to its description and was recommended by the staff at Ganja Goddess for some additional "nighttime" fun. The description misses the additional arousing effect that is an added benefit. Like Lavender strain the tingling sensations are present in those nether regions. The benefits in combination with the euphoria create quite an adventure in bed. Multiple and prolonged orgasms w...”

  • “Just bought a 1/4 of this by Traiblazin. Easily my fav sativa yet (beats Black Cherry Soda and Middlefork by Royal Tree, and Dutch Treat by Phat Panda) After one hit i felt like I was smoking for the first time again. As powerful a head high as some good concentrates. A worthy buy while it's around. Very curious to try other Traiblazin strains! FYI - my 1/4 was 35% total cannaboids and 30% THC with 3.34% Terpen...”

  • “Great Kush flavor it's very earthy and piney. The buds are bright green absolutely covered in white trichomes not super dense more fluffy but still beautiful looking the high is super euphoric it's actually sold as an Indica because the slow down feeling this strain offers is usually associated with Indica but bud structure alone looks sativa dominant. Awesome unwinding strain tons of relaxation and euphoria without ...”

  • “Trail Blazin's Nightfire OG is the perfect way to get a flower high similar to that of a concentrate. I'm a daily dabber with a relatively high tolerance and a bowl of this still gets me baked. So hells yeah!”

  • “nightfire og when its done right cant be beaten. I tried a 35% 1/2 from trail blazing and im blown away that 3 days after i almost always run out im still smoking it.”

  • “Trail Blazin' Productions Nightfire OG from Trove is chatty, adventurous, sophisticated and delicious!”

  • “This is a nice energetic high, good enough to start a loaded day.”