NL5 Haze Mist Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I've only recently tried this one from the coffeeshops, but the 'NL5 Haze' as it was named on the list appearantly has a history as the 1st place in the Hydro category at the High Times Cannabis Cup 1996. While technically a hybrid, its THC content (14,64%) is far higher than its CBD content (1,22%). Its taste is a light mixture of berries, nuts and wood, surprisingly fresh. The effects of the strain match its gentl...”

  • “I just planted two cuttings in the grownd, I´ll keep uploading future events. I{m in the southern hemesphere. keep in touch.”

  • “After a few rapid trenches and a smoked bowl, I have come to the conclusion that despite its absurdly high THC contents the tiny amount of CBD manages to completely suppress any anxiety, giving free way to enjoy the full benefits of the mental high.”

  • “(Fix of Overall Rating) Excellent strain, THC contents may be a bit much. Wonderful for artistic purposes, less so for tasks requiring attention.”

  • “Super Keefy with a great earthy taste. The saliva dominated the indica for this Strain for sure which is great in my opinion.”