NYPD Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “NYPD, or New York Power Diesel is a fantastic sativa. As I smoke I get a burst of relaxation followed by the sudden interest of everything around me, and deeper into the high I get what I can the "classic high". Any experienced sativa fan will enjoy this and possibly choose to keep as the main bud of choice.”

  • “This is one of my new favorites. Great for social environments without being racy like some Sativa strains. I've been using this strain with friends around the campfire jam sessions”

  • “A very enjoyable, uplifting, yet very manageable high. Great in a social setting and for a good comedy movie! Expect to talk and laugh a lot! :D”

  • “potent taste and smell were both misleading not an intense high. I have not found a diesel that i have really appreciated so far.”

  • “Jacked me up a little at dinnertime while cooking dinner. I think energetic and uplifter and focused would describe well but more goofy then anything... I'll have to smoke again and review right after.”

  • “Makes me dizzy every time. Like when I first started smoking kinda high. Only $15/gram”

  • “tried this in a preroll and it was pretty tasty. truly a sativa dominant strain with quite the punch. very uplifting and not left in a couch lock. can get stuff done and stay focused throughout my day. highly recommend”

  • “picked up some 95 percent shatter that really got me medicated. great strain great vibes”