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OCD Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Make sure you have something to keep yourself busy physically, like cleaning the house, or you will get anxiety from this strain. Great strain for work, cleaning, and creating, The coffee of cannabis.”

  • “New Seattle area strain. Nice energetic cannabis. Definately will make you jittery. Haven't seen any thing like it in Seattle. Available around Capitol Hill Seattle. Would recommend to those who fancy sativas.”

  • “This is very smooth medicine. Great taste long lasting high, and gets you all worked up (Horney)! Makes for an awesome evening! Major dry mouth, so keep drink nearby!”

  • “Unlike any other strand. Most active high I've experienced.”

  • “OCD was actually developed in Raleigh, NC and came to Seattle. It is named after the city. (O.ak C.ity D.ank) Congratulations Raleigh, you have your own strain!”

  • “The two newest pictures are not OCD. They are from a rip-off artist who claims to have OCD. There is only one place to get OCD and it isn't the plant in the two newest pictures. Take a look and compare the pictures for yourself. If you don't get it in downtown Seattle, it is not OCD and someone is not telling you the truth. Get a clue you rip-offs.”

  • “You'd know if it were the real OCD, because it will make you very paranoid. It also has the slight smell of burnt peanut butter.”

  • “I bought some of this from a dispensary east of the mountains several months ago. It's THE BEST med I've run across for ADD and nausea hands down. Very clear, no paranoia at all. Focused. Unfortunately there's no way of knowing if this is the "REAL" OCD or an "imposter" like one posters claims. Be great if the one guy in Seattle who has it would put some out to compare but no matter, as luck would have it I found se...”