Oregon Pinot Noir Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “OMG. Absolutely amazing high. Gorgeous, deep olive green buds. Very unique, both in the way it looks and the high it gives. Although 80% Sativa, w/ a wonderful, creative cerebral high w/out being speedy or inducing paranoia, it also has a strong, relaxing feel of an indica w/out inducing a brain-sucking couch-lock. Perfect strain👌, in my opinion. Note: this strain is 25-28% THC, so definitely not for light wieghts. ...”

  • “I worked at a great pace with this one, keeps me chill and focused with an elevated and reflective mood, very calm 🤙🏾”

  • “Oregon Pinot Noir Shatter Look: Square solid gold/tan and flat chips, very nice. Probably the best look of the 8 differnt concentrates i just picked up( 8th of each, i do it for Jersey baby) . Smell/Taste: a sweet wineish grapey licorice taste, with a hint of kush,very distinct. Effects: Straight heavy high n couchlock. Major pain relief and stress is gone. I was told this thing grows like a sativa but produces indi...”

  • “Slight earthiness followed by fruity spicy grapes with a hint of sulfur/garlic on a whiff of broken up flowers. Tastes sour, fruity and hazy. As I smoke more a more dominant haze flavor is noticed/becomes more pronounced. The effects are pure haze upon the first hit. A follow up hit results in a more hybrid come up and one begins to feel a little body kick in. Subsequent hits result in a 50/50 hybrid split in th...”

  • “this is maybe my favorite right now. it acts like an indica and is very relaxing. the aroma is like a sweet berry and almost has a sweet grape like taste to it. its poppin with trichomes and the buds are sticky and kinda fluffy. if you havent had this i recommend trying. it might even put u to sleep.”

  • “Now evolved into a strain named cuvée , hints of carmal”

  • “These are the most purple buds I've ever seen. Love the taste, love the high. This is a memorable strain”