Oregon Pinot Noir Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “OMG. Absolutely amazing high. Gorgeous, deep olive green buds. Very unique, both in the way it looks and the high it gives. Although 80% Sativa, w/ a wonderful, creative cerebral high w/out being speedy or inducing paranoia, it also has a strong, relaxing feel of an indica w/out inducing a brain-sucking couch-lock. Perfect strain👌, in my opinion. Note: this strain is 25-28% THC, so definitely not for light wieghts. ...”

  • “this is maybe my favorite right now. it acts like an indica and is very relaxing. the aroma is like a sweet berry and almost has a sweet grape like taste to it. its poppin with trichomes and the buds are sticky and kinda fluffy. if you havent had this i recommend trying. it might even put u to sleep.”

  • “Oregon Pinot Noir Shatter Look: Square solid gold/tan and flat chips, very nice. Probably the best look of the 8 differnt concentrates i just picked up( 8th of each, i do it for Jersey baby) . Smell/Taste: a sweet wineish grapey licorice taste, with a hint of kush,very distinct. Effects: Straight heavy high n couchlock. Major pain relief and stress is gone. I was told this thing grows like a sativa but produces indi...”

  • “I worked at a great pace with this one, keeps me chill and focused with an elevated and reflective mood, very calm 🤙🏾”

  • “I picked this up because of the grape flavor I've heard so much about. Had no idea it was NOT considered an indica!!!! Just heard of it around town here in Portland. I am hoping that someone with the appropriate knowledge (I obviously don't have it) can explain how and why this is listed as a Sativa.”

  • “It was an amazing strain.”

  • “Now evolved into a strain named cuvée , hints of carmal”

  • “Long before having a chance to get my hands on this strain there was a strong fascination for the name. Moving from the east coast 15 years ago to Oregon one of the most charming aspects of the Willamette Valley was all the wineries. So when hearing the name of this strain and seeing that both the parents are flowers I enjoy very much there was no doubt it was a must try strain. So finally about a year later OPN s...”