Panama Punch Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Panama Punch Pax Era cartridge from the clinic in Denver. I would write more but I'm too content to waste your time. FIVE STARS.. Bright tropical floral notes pack a punch, mellow, balanced, non-racy happiness ensues. Get it. Get it now.”

  • “Got a Panama Punch cartridge for my Pax Era and wowza it's delicious!! Definitely a sativa dominant hybrid, it's sooooo yummy”

  • “Wow rock'em sock'em boxing Panama Punch really gives you a kick in the ass. This primarily sativa strain has go a lot of energy to it. In large quantities it even gets your heart beating faster. Great for the start of day. If you have anxiety problems and still want to be productive this is a great strain. I felt like I had wings on my feet for a couple hours.”

  • “phenomenal head buzz, moderate body buzz, fantastic for stress relief and anxiety.”

  • “Great for social. gives me an energized optimistic high. I smoked panama punch in the evening once and I had trouble falling asleep.”

  • “So, I’m sitting in the parking garage at Denver airport after visiting Native Roots dispensary. Picked up an ERA POD of panama punch based on my budtender’s recommendation. He was not kidding when he told me the flavor was amazing. It’s like I inhaled a big gulp of Hawaiian Punch. Hands down the best tasting vape I’ve had. Seeing I just took my first rip, I’m just feeling the effects; a warm, cheeky glow acc...”

  • “Interesting that this is listed as a sativa and my dispensary had it marked as a hybrid... The nugs are nice and it smells like a Tazo tea. I had a nice cerebral high for a bit then a nice body high kicked in. I could feel a lot going on in my body and when I focused could feel the blood flowing through me. I would also like to mention that I had a hard time keeping a joint of this lit unless I was continually puffin...”

  • “One of my favorite strains. Giant nugs, super chill high. The sativa effects don't really show up as much for me. I get a really nice body high that's perfect after a long day. If you see it, cop it.”