Panama Red Reviews

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  • “where to begin? my father told me growing up in the 60's PR was the best grass you could get. flash forward to today and i came across it at a shop, and had to try what my father called the best. as a 10 year smoker of modern strains, i didnt expect the high that came. stoney, talkative, relaxing, i would say this is what weed is about, your cartoony like high. ill say this, my understanding of the 1960's has drastic...”

  • “I try other strains but have to say that this is the one that gives me options. Whether it is the THC content or cannabinoid levels, I don't know those details about P-Red, but this is the one I go back to for daily use, morning, noon and night. I can function. There is not too much Sativa impact so I can do what I have to do every day. There is not enough Indica to hold me down, although if I choose to laze out ...”

  • “Purchased from World of Weed Flower: nice smaller sized buds and not as loose as a typical sativa. Smell: definitely sweet with a little bit of citrus. Has that old school earthy bud smell. Crumble: kinda dry batch so it ground poorly. I was left with a lot of keif looking stuff. Burn: because it was dry, it burned faster and harsher than usual. Taste: pretty much mirrored the smell, a little skunky. High: I'm n...”

  • “Nice stuff from Green Bluff Greenhouse near Spokane. 15.75% THC-THCA. 0.44% CBD. Grassy, tropical aroma and taste through the vape. Licorice/black tea taste coats mouth on exhale. Nice "up" high, but more groovy than racy. Had a few draws. Didn't feel much effect, so after about 10 minutes, I had a few more. Maybe 8 or 9 total. Got vape hot enough to melt THCV. Then things picked up a bit. Started having troub...”

  • “I smoked half a joint of pure Panama Red yesterday. I was amazed how long the effect of this classic strain lasted on me. The taste when smoking it isn't great, tastes very woody/earthy, but the high you get from this specific strain is unique in my opinion. I would highly reccomend this strain to anyone.”

  • “Panama Red is one of the best weed strains I've ever smoked. Great for people with anxiety and I'm the type to say any weed isn't good for anxiety.”

  • “I like strains that get me the results without slowing me down or having me "feel" high (okay, there are times and places for strains that make me "feel" high, but not on my daily smoke). I don't like being cloudy. So I really like this strain. It gave me the energy, relieved me of the omnipresent anxiety for a bit, and I didn't get fogged or twitchy.”

  • “My favorite so far. Helps with nerve pain, my mood, and helps with stress while not making me hungry”