Pandora's Box Reviews

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  • “I was immediately impressed by the nice, comfortable, even high this strain delivered. I had to share some with my girlfriend to see how she would react. Her first response was, "I feel all tingly, this isn't the same stuff as last time." I can't remember why but we both went into a ten minute laughing fit. Giggling like a teenager when I'm high isn't something I'm used to experiencing. So I guess I would descri...”

  • “Store: Human Collective II, Tigard Strain: Pandora's Box Hybrid: Sativa-dominant Hybrid Grower: Local THC Strength: 24.16% # of hits: 4-5 Onset time: 1-2 minutes Fade: 3.5 hours Aroma Profile: Hard to say since I was using a vape. Flavor Profile: Minty, grassy. If the color green has a flavor, this would be it. Pleasant. Strength: 9 out of 10 Physical or Cerebral: Cerebral Control: First hour is not one where I would...”

  • “cheesey-jack aroma, very pleasantly pungent. Onset is happy and makes you grin. dry mouth and dry eyes soon. going onto uncontrollable giggles, almost stupefying if you have too much of this one. makes for enjoyable, rough sex. one of my favorite strains. i wish more places carried this strain; and even one phenotype is not good enough! the hype that it has no ceiling is definitely true - and it's uncomfortable if ...”

  • “This is by far one of the best Sativa strains I have smoked in a long time. Absolutely delicious & a great high!”

  • “Pandora's Box is quite the enjoyable sativa. It carries a delightful high with genuine euphoria. Tremendous case of the giggles, damn my face hurts. Eyes are slightly dry but I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys enormous head highs :)”

  • “This is a very strong sativa ,and I felt like I opened up pandora's box after smoking this thing. It smelled and smoked very nice and had a nice minty taste when inhaled through a vaporizer. The high was very strong and great for stress and my anxiety type twitches. It remined me of the strain jack herer a tad bit. I give this strain a 9/10 and would recommend for jack herer lovers or sativa lovers in general.”

  • “This mostly sativa hybrid has a pungent lemon aroma , kindy of spicy. Like that of Jack Herer .Very smooth smoke . After the first hit you feel it . Very soaring , uplifted and thought racing . Love it . Good for doing things .”

  • “All around great! Helps with my motivation issues by making me actually want to get stuff done!!! I used a whole box of trimmings from my caregiver and made ETOH Tincture and Coconut Oil Extraction for cooking. I have used it every day for the last 6 weeks. If I use the oil, all I do is cook with it, or if I'm not cooking I just let about a teaspoon of it melt in my mouth, and then swish and swallow. I get a full 6 ...”