Pineapple Fields Reviews

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  • “• Trying Theraplant's THC-23% Pineapple 🍍 Fields for 3rd time since buying new med 3 days ago. Bud structure is perfect! -aroma, density, moisture, and it's quite an easy smoke. Excellent flavor, altho def more 🍍-aroma than 🍍-taste, & nary a fruity hint at all, which surprises me bc pretty decent (8+) terp-profile. Pretty earthy, smooth flavor, altho this particular strain is pretty generic-tasting, which would pr...”

  • “Not a hard hitting high, but you do notice a difference pretty much right away. Great for social occasions and playing some video games. Nice and clear headed and you really notice a high when you stand up and try and walk around lol. And it's tastes and smells GREAT. Recommend to all”

  • “Pineapple Fields is one of my top favorites ever. It's great for that morning uplift, wake and bake! But every time I smoke it, get a tingle and I get very aroused! This will forever be on my list and in my stash!!😉😉😎”

  • “My favorite strain by far! PF will make you very happy and giggly. Helps with appetite too. I highly recommend.”

  • “Loved this strain, smooth and relaxing. Great taste and nice euphoria, being a sativa its great for morning and daytime use.”

  • “A great high, still able to function, but definitely helps with my depression”

  • “This strain is excellent for day time pain relief. It has a sweet, tropical taste to it. Though the taste comes through much, much more when vaping versus smoking. When smoking, I get a vague sweet tropical taste. When vaping, I actually get a heavy pineapple, which is really pleasant. Love this, really appreciate what it's doing for my pain levels and how much it's allowing me to function again.”

  • “• Was intrigued by her flower, so today I've been vaping her sweet oil version of Theraplant's sativa T-23.47%... and I have to say, this slightly floral, heavily + tastily-fruitful strain DEF smokes more like a true hybrid & reminds me of Citrus 🍊 Sap, flavor-wise. It's a bit surprising, however, bc the AROMA of flower 🌺 was amazing, but TASTE was NIL — which is contrary to this beautifully- 🍊-in-color oil brings...”