Pineapple Haze Reviews

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  • “I've been 👀 on the search for a functional day time strain... Pineapple Haze🍍🍭 is by far the best I have come across. Not only does this strain hold true to it's taste of tropical fruit and smell of candy ( I swear I feel like I am eating a mouthful of Smarties Sweet tarts🍬, y'all remember those? ) The effects are excellent. Super focused, euphoric, creative. There was no weird tweaky sensation you tend to get...”

  • “I'm looking at a 1/2 ounce of Pineapple Haze and it's a beautiful sight. There are three exceptionally large buds in the batch, which I've stashed away in a humidor, at between 68 and 72 percent humidity, as per the hygrometer. The buds are incredibly sticky and very, very pungent, with a whiff of pineapple, but mainly an overwhelming flowery, almost perfume like aroma that is filling the room. Don't try and sneak t...”

  • “New favorite strain. Delicious pineapple smell and taste. Soft, gritty buds (bought in SoCal). All my favorite things about Sativas are present in this herb. Euphoric yet clear headed, stimulated yet relaxed, happy yet aware. Perfect for creative types with ADD. I didn't mind spending a bit more. Pineapple haze is all that I wanted this week.”

  • “Pineapple Haze bought at: Coffeeshop Boerejongens in Amsterdam If you are looking for a great strain for active, daytime use; this strain is guaranteed to deliver. Whether you have to go to college, work or you want to spend your day off to be creative. It has a soft, round and sweet scent. It doesn't harshly shoots up your nostrils in a way other strains do. Rather, the fruity scent lovingly drifts its way up, to...”

  • “Found this at Marijuana4u on se 82nd in Portland and really loved it. I like Sativas because I have pain all day and I cant smoke most Indacas due to the drowsy feeling that interferes with my work schedule. Good meds.”

  • “4/5. Got some of this haze from my local collective grown by Fire Bros definitely a good pick up. The nugs weren't as yellow as some of the other pineapples I've tried such golden pineapple but that tropical citrus aroma was definitely there and the nugs were very fresh and dank. The burn had an immediate taste of that tropical citrusy goodness that actually made the intensity of the burn a little easier to handle cu...”

  • “Definite Pineapple and Salt-Air smell. Like you're smoking a Piña Colada on the Beach. Mentally just a little cloudy but overall great stress reliever to put all your problems in a haze and make everything sunny.”

  • “Perhaps because I purchased a cheap 1/8th of outdoor Pineapple Haze, I noticed a tendency to get dizzy and slightly nauseated when I smoke this stuff. Other than that, I definitely get the cerebral effects, so as long as I'm lying down, this strain is helpful for my depression and anxiety.”