Pineapple Punch Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I bought a gram of this in shatter form during a visit to Seattle from a rec club named American Mary. The label read it tested in at Decarb THC 76.8%, and 0.3%CBD. It ran my ass over! And I loved every second of it!! I was really high, but still very coherent and in control. Great for people who suffer from Anxiety, Foul Moods, & Short Fuses. I would definitely buy at every chance I get!”

  • “pineapple punch will knock your lights out”

  • “A wonderful sativa! Such a rare find for me! Very energetic, yet calming. This strain yields a very satisfying high. Fruity but earthy. However, it hits kinda rough.”

  • “Wonderful sativa! Such a rare find for me. Energetic and yet calming. It's a very satisfying high. However, it's rough when smoking, at least the nugs I got. Still great!”

  • “Delicious. Happy high and was able to work on tedious computer stuff. Definitely a talkative buzz. Good stuff.”

  • “awesome energetic high, and a great scent. smoked with friends and had a great time. saved some for later!”

  • “One of the chikkest I've ever had”

  • “great strain mixed it in with blueberry and I was tripping tingly feeling all through my body 10/10 would recomend you must do”