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Pineapple Purps Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It's verrry different from anything that I have ever had. It behaves like an indica hybrid, but at the same time I notice waves of cbd clarity every few seconds. I picked this up from a friends father who suffers from hard pain and anxiety attacks. Its a unique strain for sure put has a nice berry smell along with textures of it but after a while tastes like wood and stale pungent-ness. This has nice creative sides t...”

  • “I haven't been able to find out much about the genetics but it might be Grand Daddy Purple x Pineapple Kush or Purple Haze x Pineapple Express. I was told that it's considered a "Super Sativa". Well it certainly is THE BEST sativa I have ever had. The high was clean, euphoric and clear. Tons of energy and happiness. This one is definitely at the top of my list.”

  • “This review's a little early but it's 4:20 and once again I Myself got the best of me. It's Pineapple Purps!...what more can I say. Trimming her down, the only thing me and the family could smell were pineapples...delicious! Can't wait for her to dry to bask in her wonderful goodness! Had to share, I love you all.”

  • “This is a very strong strain. Even with a high tolerance, this strain really knocks you on your ass. My friend got so high he puked all over himself. It's so strong I really wouldn't recommend just ripping a huge bowl of this if you have not smoked in a while. The taste is very good, almost pineapple or citrus of some kind. It's a pretty green tone laced with patches of purple. If you get lucky enough to try this, ge...”

  • “Comforted my whole body and mind . It is its own blanket. The taste is pretty much par none. One of the best I ever had , if not THE. It's super duper sticky.. u don't feel me.. I mean reeeaally sticky like glue! The smoke is thick . I feel great!”

  • “I love this strain,I look for strains that give you the energetic high I don't like the couch ridden feeling!!”

  • “leafy bud with purple hairs, which burns quick. it's a more calm and relax effect.”