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Pineapple Sage Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Delivered from The Plug-Oakland, a very "clean" high. My high seemed almost entirely contained in my head, which I prefer a lot of the time. No signs of anxiety or sleepiness, definitely fuels creativity and I was able to maintain sharp focus after smoking. Definitely up there on the list of fragrant flowers. This stuff smells incredible and tastes fairly well, too. Glad I discovered this strain.”

  • “Very nice strain I got this from canvvis in the Bay Area. Really nice uplifting without any anxiety, really relieved any stress I had from the day. I was able to make dinner for the family with a smile on my face and then play some music. Def my new after work go to!”

  • “Pineapple Sage offers a great, clean, happy high. Any anxiety I have clears out of my head almost immediately. This is a great daytime strain if you want the uplifting euphoria of a head high, without the constraints of a body high- very functional. The flavor is sweet with lemon and a hint of earthy sage. The smoke is mild and easy to inhale.”

  • “Very clear buzz. Releases tension in the back of the head and dulls girl cramps. Can feel the initial high behind the eyes and center of the head. It mellows to an awake and comfortable buzz. I could smoke this during the day and be super functional. It’s a new favorite.”

  • “Pretty euphoric actually. Really nice strain for hiking or taking walks for sure”

  • “Interesting fruity-diesel aromas. Smooth smoke. The high is clear-headed and invigorating. More of a fountain of youth than an intoxicant. The mood shift is significant. Musical equivalent: "Itchycoo Park" by Small Faces.”

  • “A few puffs and will be stoned to the bone. A head high makes body feel light. Perfect for outdoors or for inspiration”

  • “I love this strain a lot!! This strain really taps into my creative & talkative side, I tend to go on walks & hikes a lot & this strain is great for that. I definitely still feel like I could function properly in public lol I would recommend this strain over & over!”