Pineapple Super Silver Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great sativa. Super pungent and flavorful. Great uplifting buzz. The smell is intense. One of the best smelling buds I've smelled.”

  • “The buds look so good I could eat them. They are a very crystalized mix of green and orange with a scent that is the closest to real pineapple weed can get. the high comes on quick providing a great head rush and a little burst of energy bringing with it a cascading wave if happiness and creativity that makes it impossible to be unhappy.”

  • “I swear I could drink this... it smells like straight pineapple juice. definitely a favorite of mine. 10/5”

  • “I love this stran! the joint we smoked was from Top Shelf. we talked for a cpl hrs and laughed...deff my new fav!”

  • “An amazing haze cross. My favorite sativa out there, coming from some of the best growers in the NW.”

  • “One of the best tasting sativas I've had. Fairly powerful but definitely still nice and clear. Highly recommend trying if available. Mine was from Topshelf.”

  • “Was looking to clock in on for a 7-8 hour video game bender. The nice folks at the local shop here in Seattle recommended this. Nailed it! Felt focused, relaxed but never zombie mode. Fine with social interactions. Added this to my 'hot list'. Based on my experience, I'd have this be my 'wing man' at the next outdoor barbecue/social get together I'd prefer to miss, but have been shamed into attending.”

  • “Very nice strain. Couldn't talk normally. Made for a fun night.”