Pineapple Thai Reviews

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  • “To Y'all who have chronic pain, This is the strain for pain. I have arthiritis, gout and chronic pain. Pineapple Thai saved my life. It is cheap some times, because the high is reduced by the high CBD and its wonderful anti inflammitory properties. Don't sell this one short it is the medicine for pain and a functional life, with pain and anxiety. For those who might care this is a high producer strain, according...”

  • “There seems to be a HUGE difference in opinions regarding the effect of this strain. LOL I picked some up from a spot in SJ-CA. I went in looking for Pineapple Express and the bud tender suggested Pineapple Thai. I had never heard of it before. The best part was, it was in the bargain bin. After smoking it, I not sure why? Wow, Pineapple Thai smells so sweet and sugary. If Willy Wonka grew marijuana this is what it w...”

  • “Pineapple Thai is a high-CBD strain (5% to 7% CBD, low THC). The "stoned" effects are the lightest I've ever experienced, and the calming effects of this strain are amazing. For medical/theraputic purposes, this is the best strain I've ever found.”

  • “excellent strain. There are only two kinds of people that can dislike this strain: 1. Those who got "pineapple thai" that wasn't really pineapple thai (lol) 2. Dumb pot heads who only smoke to get high. If your looking to get super high this is not the strain. since the REAL strain tends to have a high cbd content, it checks the thc content. so your left with a focused buzz. This strain works great for people with...”

  • “This should be called "Thai-napple" lol”

  • “i dont know what these people are talking about. pineapple thai is a straight sativa. the plant grows up to 15 ft tall all long and spindly with slighly fluffy big ole round top nugs and the random golf ball sized ones down toward the stalk. very uplifting high. great for mornings, hiking/adventures. i smoke this shit and clean the house. this flower has the strongest sweet smell starting at the very beginning of the...”

  • “To whoever it was that suggest this strain for chronic pain patients- You, my friend, are completely correct. I have a chronic pain condition as well, and this strain was amazing. I was able to accomplish so much while medicated, my leg felt better, had less spasms, and my mood was generally uplifted. I strongly recommend it as well!”

  • “got the spicy thai seed from so cal seeds. planted march 1st 2013. harvested oct 10th 2013. the plant was 12 -15 ft. tall and 30 ft. around.truly a specimen. i have made edibles , tincture ,and of course smoked some. there are so far zero negative comments. i harvested over 8 lbs. of smoke, no sticks. what a wonderful seed.of course i grew outdoors”