Poison Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is an extremely potent strain with a intense powerful high. The high was similar to the high from durban poison, except it lasted a hell of a lot longer. It was a very enjoyable high. Got rushes of energy and these wierd phycadelic-like experiences which were coming and going as i was smoking the blunt. I wouldnt say i was tripping, as that is impossible from consuming marijaunna, but it was just odd. great and ...”

  • “Great look, nice bud. I would recommend this strain for a daytime smoke. I would rate this a 7 out of 10. its good but not the very best out there.”

  • “Great medicine does exactly as advertised and looks very appealing with a fruity citrusy smell.”

  • “Mix this stain with Jack the Ripper and it will make u feel like jack sparrow”

  • “Very tangy citrus flavor not the strongest high but a very happy high”

  • “I'm high as I'm writing this I'm 18 btw anyways so I just got out of work it's 3:09 AM and I bought 4 grams of this so I hoped it was good. After I smoked a few bowls I feel really not awake but that feeling of waking up like as your waking but being awake yea that's what I feel I feel really good and it's a 4/5 good strain try it out My arms feel like heavy spaghetti noodles”

  • “Awesome Strain all the way around, the smell is unreal and the high is amazing.”