Purple Tangie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “aka Blood Orange Tangie, packs a sativa punch loaded with sweet purpley lavender terps”

  • “Makes you feel productive and energetic without anxiety and paranoia which is nice. (I already have an anxiety disorder, so I would highly recommend this strain to anyone else struggling with anxiety, in general too) :)”

  • “Amazing Terp profile, and best day time smoke around. Very awaking, and motivating, can be a little Speedy. Always have a True purple color. 🔥💜👍👌 one of a kind Cannabis, a must try.”

  • “After taking WAY too big of a hit of this and sleeping like a baby that night, I woke up feeling refreshed, uncluttered and pretty damn good, overall. I felt good enough to sweep and mop my whole place, which was awesome.”

  • “Very unique tangy flavor and appearance. The taste is almost perfumed, buds are not too dense and gorgeous purple mixed with orange and green hairs. Glistening trichomes. Positively sativa style buzz. Medium strength, very creative and up. I haven't seen or tasted anything quite like it in a while- after a few days of medicating with purple tangie I had to go back to get another 8th. I'm now saving it for special oc...”

  • “decent strain. absolutely worth the try.”

  • “Favorite strain! Best daytime and nighttime med! Works for all my medical conditions.”

  • “This strain knocked me om my butt! I was expecting an uplifting and racy Sativa high, but for me it was more like a heavy hitting Indica....It looks so pretty with the purple colors and sparkly buds and a pleasant earthy orange citrus spice kinda flavor...I experienced an intense high and blurred vision, euphoria was soon given way to sleepiness. I took a nap and woke up with a neck headache. Not sure if this will be...”