Purple Thai Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Awesome. Only smoke this if you want to have a great time, thinking up new ideas, having fun and interesting conversations.”

  • “Very strong front lobal high. was very purple, was first time I've ever seen this strain. smelled very much like chocolate thai just fruitier. unified collective hooked it up.”

  • “was very purple. had a sweet chocolate smell. very potent brought me back to when I was younger.”

  • “Chilling with my wife puffin purple Thai oil, really top heavy buzz wantin to play some guitar”

  • “I was pleasantly surprised with this strain. Prior to smoking it, I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. By the time I was done, all I could think about were new paintings and art to create. It put me in such a good mood man.”

  • “Bad dry mouth. This strain isn't for relaxation and anxiety. This is for going out with your friends and having fun”

  • “No lack of potency here. Good, strong cannabis high which comes on like gangbusters and keeps you dazed and slack-jawed for about 2 hours. Good stuff.”

  • “Illinois batch THC 19%. Beautiful day time sativa, just the right potency and delivers the desired effect. It make you ( well at least me) mellow but still able to go about my day.”