Raspberry Cough Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “This is a 70/30 sativa-dominant medicinal hybrid from G&G Genetics that is a cross of Cambodian landrace and Ice that is currently being offered by the original medical cannabis provider in Southern New Mexico. Offering a fragrant nose of sweet fruit and berry, it has a a pleasant dusty, green herbal flavor that is not noticeably cannabis in character, but can be a bit harsh in the throat, and as its name implies, e...”

  • “This strain is starting to make its round in the Arizona sun, a perfect strain for the summertime, raspberry cough is a straight sativa, being an extreme fan of the famous Strawberry Cough this strain automatically was going into my regularly scheduled strains, RC has an amazing bud structure with medium sized buds, wrapped in light orange almost yellow hairs the green hues make a light appearance throughout the bud ...”

  • “Sweet, subtle flavor. Smooth going down. Very light, uplifting buzz. Had me up doing errands and walking the dog in no time. Creative, motivating and sensual effects. No headache or bad down or anything.”

  • “I gave t his 4 stars, because It is a Great strain and Ithink the one I got could have been grown better. But the overall experience was Good. Pain relief was great but in larger doses. I found that it is kinda short lived. Maybe 2-2.5 hours of pain relief. The high lasts a bit longer than the pain relief. By the time I felt like medicating again for the pain, I was still lightly buzzing.. Really great High though. I...”

  • “One of the best strains I've ever smoked, absolutely an amazing high! Great work weed too”

  • “Thought-provoking must-have strain for the creative mind. Brings forth an almost poetic and even at times entrepreneurial spirit to one's thought process. A "mind" high for sure. Energetic to the body as well. Spirited strain. Excitable and fun!”

  • “I think that this is a great sativa overall. I know some sativa's can be a bit over powering and induce anxiety. Overall I found this to be a great bud all around. Good flavor, good buzz, and the weed is just covered in orange hairs. A+”

  • “This is a wonderful strain beutiful looking flower. great smell and taste”