Red Congolese Reviews

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  • “I smoked less than half gram to myself and I'm spending the next 4 hours cleaning my house, car, all my bongs and pipes and walked my dog 4 miles. I'm usually a lazy stoner, this is the cocaine of marijuanas. 10/10 Walden Cannabis.”

  • “Focused, bright and level. Like driving down a cleeeer country road, easily making all the turns and not getting lost. Good sense boost with minimal THC flash-chatter or confusion, though it's a very high THC strain. The taste is earthy, citrusy and spicy. The bud is very fluffy and compressible. Surprisingly a good body grounding, helps some with sciatica and other pains, and more cerebral, maybe more interesting th...”

  • “Red Congolese also known as Red Congo is an uplifting sativa that provides a very creative yet focused high.”

  • “I've only seen Red Congo at two clubs in the Bay Area and every time I smoke it I remember why it's probably my favorite strain. I love the reddish hairs on the buds. Super nice high. Everything is chill. Your eyes get droopy and red, but there is no sleepiness effect. It's a full body high with no couch lock. It's doesn't make you stupid and forgetful. It's just euphoria and focus. It's definitely for people with a...”

  • “Focused and happy, creative and accomplished This is an aphrodisiac too. I love this bud.”

  • “Purchased @HHC in Oakland Sept. 6, 2014 Grown indoors, non-organic Bud was very dense but not hard or dry. Dark green sugar leaves densely populated with mostly white and some amber trichomes. Earthy, somewhat subdued aroma with notes of black tea and apricot. Flavor was pleasantly spicy and balanced. Moderate smoke expansion with woody, spicy aftertaste. Onset of high occurred around 3-5 minutes after first inhale ...”

  • “There is absolutely no question that there are two very distinct varieties of Red Congo. It is not even an argument but rather a documented fact. I have submitted a photo of the African landrace variety. To be fair, there should be two completely unique categories for this name. You can't even put them in the same group, as they are so unique and unalike. Developed and grown to perfection this fair red lady was re...”

  • “An original atypical, different from the popular hybrids that hit you hard from both S and I sides, and can couch lock you ... into confusion. Red Congolese lets you get going and get stuff done. Vapes energetic, focused and bright. Senses tuned up, positive mood. Very easy to get deeply into tasks, that's as Couch-Locky as this one gets. Nothing catatonic about the Red Congolese. But then I tried smoking it and it...”