Santa Maria Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smoked in the Netherlands, this strain gave me a near instant smile. Stress seemed to leave me, and my eyes brightened with moments of pleasant excitement and occasional trippy vibes. Pure, take 2 tokes and go from there.”

  • “I love this strain! The taste is sweet and very smooth. The high is mostly a creative spacey high but easy to control. I recommend it to anyone!”

  • “The Strain does really taste tropical. Like a small flavour of mango and apple in the back of your mouth. Its very relaxing and very warming. Does not make you active, it does make you lazy, relaxed and very, very happy. This Strain is worth 15 bucks in my opinion. If you get it cheaper congratz.”

  • “I love this strain, although not typically saliva orientated, I did enjoy this very much. V.light crystally leaves mixed with dark green almost purplish leaves. Dull orange hairs and crystals cover this bud. Smells skunky and citrusy. Buds are large and snappy. Very uplifting, giggly and think I could bonk like a pornstar!”

  • “Bought Some at The 4 Floors in Rotterdam and got really thick buds with nice looking trichomes. The high was very uplifting and relaxing.”

  • “MS and Marijuana is a great combination to tropical climate changes. The fatigue behaviour suddenly disappears!”

  • “I bought this because I was hoping for an energetic uplifting high typical of Sativa. Sadly for me it made me lazy and tingly, it was quite strong and definitely something unique, taste is nice and complex, smells and tastes oldschool. If you have a lot of it, it definitely becomes Psychedelic... I did not have any paranoia on it.”

  • “kept me going all night,uplifting relaxing...recommended for buiginers”