Serious 6 Reviews

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  • “This is the most impressive I have ever had. It is wonderful. Love S6. The arousal feeling is very good.”

  • “The arousal factor is concerning when two guys are about to smoke this in a small space.”

  • “Just vaped 75mg in the o-pen and my energy has skyrocket. I feel pumped to start my day. Zero couch lock. I don't know why my sentences are like. I don't care. I love serious 6. Like, seriously.”

  • “85/15 Sativa dominant, AA”

  • “I saw some negative reviews, for me this stuff is so potent! Smells and tastes amazing, got me really high. A+ for me”

  • “I wish I could say 4.5 I really liked this strain personally. It addresses a multitude of issues, like pain, nausea energy and even tingly pleasant body sensations, I'll take it :) Yes it has a bit of a lemon pledge flavour profile to start but it does narrow down to a mild and pleasant citrus feel after vaping for over 8 minutes. I have to give this medicated state an A+++ as I've been searching now for just over...”

  • “very exotic light in effect, but the effect seems to linger.”

  • “love it has a great citrus smell rolled a kew size joint and it got me and my girl and my boy pretty fucking lit lol..”