Shipwreck Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Shit had me fucked up. I felt like I was about to run an 100m dash while nearly bustin a nut in a chick and rushin to drop a heavy deuce. I was so high I felt like Smokey from Friday. I was so high I felt like my connect laced this shit. I was so baked I felt like I was getting hit by a million shooting stars or a meteor. I was so wrecked I flat out didnt enjoy chillin. Very psychoactive effects, felt like I tripped ...”

  • “Hello friends! I am currently smoking shipwreck and I'm doin real good. This is definitely a strain that brings out creativity”

  • “very good sativa dominant strain. very nice head high with a very slight body buzz. very dense bud formation. very purple and lots of crystals and resin. has a spicy earthy taste. 22%thc .42%cbd from Urban Wellness in Albuquerque New Mexico. wud definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good sativa.”

  • “A very rare greatness. If you come a crossed this legendary leaf empty wallet and fill your bag. Smelly sticky tasty poster model statues.”

  • “Felt a right sided migraine comin on & medicated round midnight. Nauseated to hell. Pain 5; nausea 5 beforehand; takes bout 5 minutes to start working. Pain/nausea totally gone. Energetic then verrrrrrrry sleeeeeepy. High very strong; very nice. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (an absolute must). So nice to find a Sativa that takes care of my pain, is strong & doesn't make me paranoid! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Very pungent. So awe...”

  • “Migraine pain mild; nausea 6 when I medicated round 1800. Takes botu 5-10 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (must for me). Body high allowed me to kick laundry's @$$ & eat dinner. Love me good worker buds! Head high strong & social but not overwhelming. Starting to crash 2 hours later which is typical for a Sativa dominant. Highly recommend for daytime use for pain/nausea. Tastes sweet like ...”

  • “Really love this one. Very potent and creeps in and hits you hard. not so energetic as most sativa strains and really powerful.”

  • “Hits you in the hard in the head, and then levels out to a nice body-buzz. The flavor was a very dark grape/lemon/pine, and it smells AWESOME. Overall, a solid strain. Check it out if you get the chance.”