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Shipwreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Shit had me fucked up. I felt like I was about to run an 100m dash while nearly bustin a nut in a chick and rushin to drop a heavy deuce. I was so high I felt like Smokey from Friday. I was so high I felt like my connect laced this shit. I was so baked I felt like I was getting hit by a million shooting stars or a meteor. I was so wrecked I flat out didnt enjoy chillin. Very psychoactive effects, felt like I tripped ...”

  • “Hello friends! I am currently smoking shipwreck and I'm doin real good. This is definitely a strain that brings out creativity”

  • “very good sativa dominant strain. very nice head high with a very slight body buzz. very dense bud formation. very purple and lots of crystals and resin. has a spicy earthy taste. 22%thc .42%cbd from Urban Wellness in Albuquerque New Mexico. wud definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good sativa.”

  • “A very rare greatness. If you come a crossed this legendary leaf empty wallet and fill your bag. Smelly sticky tasty poster model statues.”

  • “Felt a right sided migraine comin on & medicated round midnight. Nauseated to hell. Pain 5; nausea 5 beforehand; takes bout 5 minutes to start working. Pain/nausea totally gone. Energetic then verrrrrrrry sleeeeeepy. High very strong; very nice. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (an absolute must). So nice to find a Sativa that takes care of my pain, is strong & doesn't make me paranoid! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Very pungent. So awe...”

  • “Migraine pain mild; nausea 6 when I medicated round 1800. Takes botu 5-10 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (must for me). Body high allowed me to kick laundry's @$$ & eat dinner. Love me good worker buds! Head high strong & social but not overwhelming. Starting to crash 2 hours later which is typical for a Sativa dominant. Highly recommend for daytime use for pain/nausea. Tastes sweet like ...”

  • “CG Corigan's Shipwreck is heaven for a sativa-lover like myself. Sweet & Forresty, a high that is mellow and pleasant. The taste is unique and makes this strain a shelf grabber. A perfect strain to smoke when you still want to get things done. You will feel this flower strongly throughout your body but the effect is so relaxing you can't help but enjoy. Love it.”

  • “Hits you in the hard in the head, and then levels out to a nice body-buzz. The flavor was a very dark grape/lemon/pine, and it smells AWESOME. Overall, a solid strain. Check it out if you get the chance.”