Silver Kush Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Amazing strain. As a college student I really appreciate the fact that I can go to class medicated a function fine.”

  • “I'm happy to say that I successfully cloned this pretty lady. I really like how Silver Kush nugs are nice and dense, it being a Sativa I wouldn't expect it. However, the silver kush I have looks more of an indica than sativa, although ( looks can be deceiving) so it will be a mystery until she's done and ready to be smoked. I made about 10 clones, they all survived. I was so successful with cloning and now I have t...”

  • “Smell: a flowery pungent dank... 8/10 Look: different blend of dark and light nugs, coverd in crystals, a little stickier then I had hoped... 8.5/10 Taste: smooth with earthy notes, easy on the throat.... 9.5/10 Happy feel good time: very much a sativa, motivated, de stressed, focused and driven. Go do somthing!! 9.5/10 Overall: good stuff to wake and bake and handle the halftime in the day when you get a little sore...”

  • “SK has a great piney taste. It's dense nugs and potent smell make u wanna go back for more. I would gladly smoke this strain...With my friends too! ♡♡♡&Peace....”

  • “I'm so happy with the final outcome of this grow. She smells divine. The potency is just right too. S.K. helps with insomnia and it also helps with promoting appetite/munchies. I'm happy to say I'm very proud of my Silver Kush/grow. ♡♡♡Love&Peace...”

  • “Hands down my favorite SATIVA to date.”

  • “Really clean tasting buds with a diesel scent and a light citrus after taste, perfect daytime med or creativity”

  • “Time for round 2. I grew her the first time and loved it so much so that I had to make some more clones. Well.... it's almost that time again, HARVEST & CURE TIME! Yes, my favorite time of year and I just can't wait! The Silver Kush females are growing in Soil, Their in flush mode right now & are almost done for the picking. They look even better the second time around. I'm extremely pleased once again with the out...”