Silver Train Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Top strain bud for sure. Beautiful dense buds with that classic trainwreck aroma of sweet and spicy. Not a huge fan of Sativa's but this one is worth top shelf price. Breaks up easy and the smoke is smooth. No way you can wrong with trainwreck with super silver haze. The high for sure has the trainwreck high!”

  • “To quote a friend of mine who also tried it; "you don't need Cialis when you have Silver Train in the house". Ha ha, this strain is GREAT!”

  • “Bred by the Oregon Cannabis Authority. Great piney taste. Flowers are rock hard, crystalline, and topped with thick red hair. Gives an intense, rushing sativa high. For haze lovers and fans of Lodi Dodi.”

  • “This strain is a heavy hitter in the best way, I floated to the top of the highest cloud with the energy and mindset of awesomeness. Safe to say this strain is amazing😍🌲”

  • “Absolutely love this strain. I always get an amazing workout and at the same time have very clear positive thoughts. This strain always leaving me feeling refreshed and energetic the next day!!”

  • “Definitely top shelf! One of the strongest I've had. Smooth burn that smells amazing and sweet taste. Great aroma, great bag appeal and the high is magnificent. It will not disappoint.”

  • “It gets 4 stars just because the bud I sampled was a bit harsh, and made me cough. However. It's got a smooth flavor, a nice slow onset of the buzz, I almost instantly felt my stress melt away with the first puff, and the rumors about the aroused feeling are definitely true.”