Silverhawks OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Silverhawk grown by Green Therapeutics in Nevada is an awesome sativa. Covered in beautiful red hairs, it exudes a floral, pungent aroma. One of the better smelling strains I have come across. I usually like SSH crosses, and this is one of the best ones that I have had. Hits me right away, and then builds in intensity. This is a great focused high, with moderate pain relief.”

  • “Nabbed some of this flower this evening, and man was I pleased. I had never heard of this strain, but I took one wiff of it and had to have some. The aroma is very pungent and citrusy. Very reminiscent of the super silver haze parent. The flavor was earthy and extremely citrusy. Some of the best flavor I've had. If you're into terpy flavors, this is the strain for you. Matched the aroma very well. The high was nicely...”

  • “Nice mild taste... Excellent head high”

  • “Silver hawk Og has a near silver haze with hint of og aroma pungent and fruity at the same time. Happy focused high with a calmness and confidence. Creative as well. No anxiety and exhale is fruity almost mandarin like.”

  • “Picked up 2 grams a couple days ago. One of the better sativas I've had. Super clear and uplifting, but without the potential for anxiety that occasionally creeps up on me when I'm partaking in a cerebral strain. Long lasting, clear, and mellow. Nice aroma, reminiscent of SSH”

  • “I don't know if this was silver hawks og but I know it was silver hawk and it was a sativa anyway I was stoned outta my mind off this stuff! I haven't been THAT HIGH that fast in the longest time,and how long it lasted ?! Very good and won't disappoint no matter how little or how often u smoke lol this is good stuff. "Lololol"”

  • “Wow! Great head rush with this! Just what I needed :) Good taste and beautiful look with all the hairs.”

  • “One of my absolute favorites!! Probably one the best sativas out there right now! Nice even energetic high..."HIGHLY" recommend! 😜”