Sky Master

Sky Master

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What is Sky Master?

Sky Master by Washington Bud Company is a strain born and bred in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. The sativa-dominant offspring of Blue Dream and Master Kush, Sky Master inherits their tried-and-true effects which give consumers a pleasurable jolt of uplifting cerebral energy that translates to warm, functional relaxation. Thanks to its uplifting buzz, this floral, pine-scented strain lends well to achy and active cannabis consumers on the go. 

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Dry Mouth

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  • 1. Blueberry

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“💚💚💚😍😍😍 OMFG 💚💚💚 I love this strain!!! I tried it several months ago in concentrate form (Avitas cartridge 1g), it has a great cerebral high that feels absolutely amazing and knocks out pain, fatigue, anxiety, stress, nasal congestion, nausea for me 😁😎 please give it a try when you can find it 😎😁 freakin awesome strain 💚💚💚”

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“This strain is incredible. The throat hit was among the smoothest I have ever had. It's a combination of a hybrid sativa and a pure indica, but it is selectively bred to produce a strong sativa that had me up all night having great conversation. I loved it and I will definitely use this strain again.”